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          1. KYN28A- 12(Ⅱ)型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备

            KYN28A- 12(Ⅱ)型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备

            • 所属分类:高低压开关

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            • 发布日期:2019/05/29
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            KYN28A- 12(Ⅱ)型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备

            Metal-clad withdrawzhle enclosed switchgear cubicle

            概述  General

            KYN28A- 12(Ⅱ)型铠装移开式交流金属封闭开关设备柜体系三相交流50Hz、额定电压12kV的户内成套配电装置。作为发电厂、变电站及工矿企业接受和分配电能之用,并具有对电路实行控制、保护和监测等功能。

            It is KYN28A- 12(Ⅱ) armored movable AC metal- enclosed closed switchgear with three -phase AC of 50Hz and ratedvoltage of 12kV, being an indoor complete power distribution device. It is used for receiving and distributing electricenergy by power station, transformer substation and industrial and mining enterprises, and can be used to control, protect and monitor circuit.

            结构说明  Structure Description


            Switchgear is designed as per GB3906 and GB/T11022 standard. The Switchgear is composed of body and with drawable part (handcart). Structural layout and electrical performance of compartments maintain the advantages of KYN28A-12, and make improvements on production process and product appearance.

            主要特点  Main Features








            1. The product possesses novel, flat and concise appearance; unified and balanced color as well as harmonious proportion;

            2. ZN63A (VS1), VD4, ZN21, 3AH, VB2 and VEP vacuum circuit-breaker, VC7 vacuum contactor, load switch and isolating switch are optional;

            3. lt has simple and reliable "five- prevention" interlocking function to prevent misoperation;

            4. All-metal protection is adopted for secondary wire slot in the high- pressure chamber to ensure safe and reliableoperation;

            5. Humanized human-machine interface facilitates operation;

            6. Electrical chassis and grounding switch can be configured; mechanical interlocking can be shifted automatically to meet the requirement of distribution network automation.

            7. Protection grades of switchgear's enclosure and compartment are respectively IP4X and IP2X.