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          1. MDmaxFC 低压开关柜

            MDmaxFC 低压开关柜

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            • 发布日期:2019/05/29
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            MDmaxFC 低压开关柜

            Low voltage switch cabinet

            概述 General

            MDmax FC是由ABB公司设计并经过完全型式试验(简称TTA)的组合式多功能低压柜体,产品符合GB725.1.1-2005和IEC60439-1等相关标准,可广泛应用于电子工业、工矿企业、烟草业、市政设施、商业建筑、高端民用住宅等领域。

            MDmax FC is combined multi-function low-voltage switchgear designed by ABB company and passed complete typetest (TTA). The product meets GB7251.1-2005, IEC60439- 1 and relevant standards and can be widely used in areas such as electronic industry, industrial and mining enterprises, tobacco industry, municipal facilities, commercial building and high-end civil residence.

            结构说明  Structure Description





            1. Comprehensiveness: It adopts ABB whole series low-voltage electrical components, including; Megamax and Emax air circuit breaker, Isomax and Tmax plastic circuit breaker, A- series contactor, and TA thermal relay and soft starter, composing complete and reliable low-voltage power distribution system.

            2. Reliability: It is designed and tested as per international standard;

            3. Modularization: It is composed of standardized prefabricated components, which can be manufactured rapidly and modified easily and can save costs.

            4. Intellectualization: Elements containing advanced protection and communication functions can be integrated in the equipment to protect power distribution and motor.

            主要特点  Main Features


            2、MDmax FC骨架采用双折边工艺,由敷铝锌板制成的T型材组装而成。骨架上排布以25mm为间距的模数孔,成套高低压开关柜框架装配快速、灵活。柜架采用铝三通进行拼装,能有效防止涡流,柜体对称精度高。


            4、柜内开关采用插入式或抽出式断路器,保证了元件更换及维修时的安全。配电控制柜馈线回路高达18 回路(内部分隔形式3b)。


            1. Three divided compartments are set in the internal part of the frame: Equipment compartment for unit component, bus compartment for main bus and distribution bus, compartment for cable in and out (upper and lower incoming andoutgoing line is available)

            2. MDmax FC frame adopts double-fold process, and is composed of T-material made of aluminum zinc plate. Modular holes with interval of 25mm are distributed on the frame; and the frame can be assembled rapidly and flexibly. Switchgear frame is assembled by aluminum T-joint to effectively prevent eddy current. The switchgear body has highsymmetry precision.

            3. It adopts novel glass-door design, which not only improves the safety of switchgear but also improve the appreciative characteristic.

            4. Inserted or withdrawable breaker is adopted for switch in the switchgear to ensure the safety while replacing ormaintaining elements. Feeder circuit of power distribution control cabinet can be up to 18-loop (internal division form: 3b).

            5. Switchgear protection grade is IP40-1P55.